We help organizations to optimize, through outsourcing, the development of their software, and we ensure the quality of production processes at a cost-effective price. Our model combines efficient production capacity with modern and intelligent business management.

Based in Spain, a center of operational excellence in Sri Lanka, and managed in Spanish and English.


IT Business Support


We are specialized in supporting IT companies or IT departments of medium and large companies, which have a timely or permanent need to develop their own products or projects for their clients.

We use agile methodologies to flow work and communication with our clients.

Specialized Resources


Our developers are not Fullstack. They are specialized in one or two technologies.

We are not outsourcing developers, we are assigning the ones that are necessary to cover each technology used at every time.



We develop any kind of web and mobile applications.

We can design your e-commerce on the web and also on mobile.

We can enter or manage data, image treatment, AI training, all at very low cost.

We can administrate your servers in the cloud.



We know that developers are bad designers. So, we have our own team of designers and UI engineers to give the best experience and user interface to your web and mobile applications.

We can just design for you, or develop all the front-end with the latest javascript frameworks.



We like to work with the latest technologies, methodologies, languages, frameworks and libraries.

We apply the most appropriate architecture and technology to each project. Just let us advise you.

We have the expertise in blockchain.


We work with Truth and Transparency in our processes to ensure a Quality service to our clients, and we take care of the Happiness of our human team.

Truth and Transparency. In all our processes: estimation, business analysis, project management, sales, and customer care.

Quality. It is part of our brand, and leads our business strategy ensuring our continuous improvement in all our areas of influence.

Happiness. We want our staff to be happy in their work, to specialize in what they do best and therefore where they enjoy the most, putting at their disposal the most cutting-edge technology, the most consolidated agile methodologies and our collaborative culture that enhances personal uniqueness and their role in the team's joint mission.


QualitApps Europe, S.L.U.
Barcelona (Spain)
(+34) 93 626 86 86

QualitApps Asia (Pvt) Ltd
Colombo (Sri Lanka)
(+94) 11 268 71 29

Email: infoqualitapps.com

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